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Somebody else, out there, needs you!

Very beautiful and warm


“Dearest Daddy,

It’s the day today…..the one that we talked about so much, when I was still your girl, that wouldn’t let out of your sight

Your little baby that could run and sit on Daddy’s lap and tell him what was on my mind, without having to think twice

Your little princess that you wanted to get her own prince that would treat her right, just like she deserves

Well, I guess she grew up now, so fast….uuuhhhhmmmmm….

And met a very cute guy, Dax, that blew her mind and convinced her that he was her best bet to live through her olden days through, with.

I’m married now….that is, by the time you read this

If wishes were horses, I’m certain you could be, right here, on the front row, smiling so proudly as you give me away to my love, Dax, just as we used to imagine…

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Why Girl Empowerment Programs Should Move from Boardrooms to Communities

Girls' Globe

Why don’t many Ugandan girls go to school? Is it because they have no books or uniforms? Or they have to trek long distances? The answers to these questions might be affirmative. But that is not all. There is another, rarely talked about problem that can bring girls’ education, social status to a screeching halt: the simple lack of a sanitary towel when she has her period.

Phionah Kizza has been working with AFRIpads, a social enterprise in Uganda that manufactures and sells washable cloth, sanitary pads, for two years now as a supervisor in the production facility. During the commemoration of World Population Day by Reach A Hand, Uganda in Kawempe, a slum in Kampala city, she had an opportunity to show adolescent girls and women who were at the event how to use these reusable pads. The event was commemorated in partnership with UNFPA under the theme Harnessing…

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Twists about judgement

In my own understanding, it is the thinking that one is better than the other in a condescending manner. Judgement normally finds people highly aware, moderately aware or not aware of it at all. But then all that aside what is it and how do we classify it as judgement? 

Does it come about because some one is better than you or you think they are better?  Is it somewhat similar to criticism?  Or is the whole concept misunderstood? 

Funny thing about judgement is that its an irony that keeps on going through circles and that it is a pattern that goes on and on. For those who don’t know  what am trying to get to, let me give a case scenario where you get two different characters of two people who have different strengths and weaknesses but its highly likely that one who perceives that they are stronger with no regard of the other’s feelings will not wait to make the other feel inferior about themselves. 

Its been said that judging one doesn’t make you a better human than the person but rather shows the weakness and loopholes in one’s character. This could be true but what brings about judgement? Is it the way of parenting that one receives that determines the kind of output you find in the pathway? Is it the people that we meet along the hallways that strike a nerve to awaken the point in question? Or is it just a fragment of my imagination? Is it inherent and that we cannot do much about it to fix the jigsaws of its mark? 

How about we stop trying to be perfect, having the “latest design” and be grateful that we have all this beauty around us to be enjoyed? What others refer to as beauty may differ from my perception but does that make them wrong? Or are we trying too hard to be “it” without realising the damage done to the silent wails along the way? 

This is not a call for change but rather a shake up from our stupor of self and see things on a different dimension to our best abilities. Love and humanity are the most expensive priceless qualities that measure up to our purpose on earth and they greatly influence our accomplishments but for them to be fully utilised, we need interdependence as a discipline. 

It’s a beautiful world full of amazingly awesome people which leaves us to the choice of not holding people’s flaws over their heads like an identity but to appreciate their difference as beautiful mistake that humbles us.

Homosexuality:the silent death

Reality of homosexuality leaves a bad taste on many people’s tongues where i come from. The human activists for gay rights have been referred to as money lovers for they are “funded by whites who enjoy seeing the sin that destroyed sodom and gomorrha spread across the globe”. But putting all these aside lets sit down and consider them for the humans they are, these are human beings who have love and believe in love, bright enough and maybe than most more human than the “normal” people.

Addressing this issue has caused so many angry prayers and cursings for the se gentle souls that are looked at as devil incarnate for a decision made that has cost them the life that they have known and been forced to receive society’s backlash. Not to sound controversial, i acknowledge and respect that these are people like me who shop from the same centre, acquire the same education, apply for the same job, love and listen to the same artists, pray to the same God for he is not a condemning God,devour chocolate like me and yet if approached and enclosed with such powerful information, we go running to the nearest coward who is more than willing to stroke his ego about how “upright” they are!.

“The call for humanity is loving someone else and watch manifest as you reproduce in them”. This is a statement made by a phenomenal man who has gone in and out of alcohol addiction but has managed to spring up and dust off the scars that drove him to insanity, nearly stole his life. Such a simple line yet it deeply took root to my deepest core and opened my eyes to the hardest yet simply mysterious truth that the world has a hard time understanding. 

Name-calling(boot openers in kenya and south Africa, basiyazi in uganda, chichiman in Jamaica, shoga in Tanzania) the list could on about what gay people are called in different countries but to cut our conversation short, its highly deceptive that so many people go on about how wrong homosexuality is yet go on to applaud defilers, rapists and other inhumane acts done by people who are conformed to societal and religious lies.